Liste wineyard

The vines of this cru are found in the small area of Liste, of which about 2 hectares are property of the Damilano family.

Its soil, rich in limestone and loam (it only contains 15% sand in this area) give the wine a great complexity of aroma and structure that, along with its good acidity and a high tannin concentration, contribute to its longevity.

The depth of the land and its considerable water availability also favor the production of more structured, tannic, and strong wines, so much that the Liste is marketed one year later compared to the other crus.

Technical Characteristics

Location: Barolo

Owned land: about 2.0 ha (4.9 acres)

Average height: 350 m (1148 ft.) a.s.l.

Sun exposure: South/South-East

Soil composition: 15% sand, 55% loam, 30% clay

Particularities: a land characterized by a high anthocyanin and polyphenol content, with a consequently high tannin level and a solid structure.

Year of seeding: from 1971 to 1999