Grappa di nebbiolo di Barolo

This grappa – made with the same Nebbiolo grapes used to make Barolo – enriches and completes the Damilano wine range.

The selection of Nebbiolo pomace, along with the processing in little copper steam boilers, give it an amber finish and an ample, enveloping aroma, as well as great character.

At the nose and palate, it presents a splendid concert of emotions, with distinguishing tones of ripe fruit including blackcurrant, apricot, and maraschino cherry, as well as cocoa and vanilla.

Grape varietalNebbiolo da Barolo
Type of pomaceselection of pomaces of Damilano Winery
Distillation systemSlow discontinuous steam- distillation with copper cauldrons
Ageing in small wooden barriques for 10-12 months
Bouquetwide, penetrating, elegant nose with a great personality. A splendid concert of notes in which ripe fruit stands out (black cassis, apricot, wild cherry), cocoa and vanilla
Tasteit reconfirms the notes of the bouquet
Alcohol content43% by vol.
Refinement10-12 months