Barolo Chinato

A wine based on Barolo DOCG, scented with herbs and a maroon-colored quinine with orange reflections. It is fresh, sweet, and structured at the palate, with a slightly bitter finish. It is particularly appreciated as a vino da meditazione (meditation wine).

The history of this beverage is enrooted in the Ancient Greek and Roman world, in which aromatized wines were already of common use for mainly medical purposes, and subsequently made popular in Middle-Age Europe by monks and herbalists.

In the late 1800s, vermouths and after-dinner chinato wines grew in popularity, and the Piedmont region soon excelled in the field, with the commercialization of the Vermouth and the Barolo Chinato.

The latter was born in the shops of herbalists in the Langhe area, the first to aromatize the precious Barolo with alcoholic extracts obtained through maceration of Chincona calisaya bark, cinnamon, liquorish, rhubarb and gentian roots, among a large number of ingredients.

The Barolo Chinato may be used as a digestif, but also as an aperitif when mixed with ice and soda water.

Alcohol content16% - 16.5% by volume
Serving temperature18°/20°C