Cerequio wineyard

Complex scents rich in liquorish, tar, and dried rose.

Cerequio is a beautiful vine amphitheater with a sun exposure almost entirely facing south.

It benefits of a particularly favorable climate, protected from the cold north winds by the elevated hillside of La Morra.

At its center, there is a group of houses, which are completely abandoned but preserve a special appeal, embedded in the heart of a stupendous fan of terraced vineyards on the Langhe.

This magnificent vineyard presents a rather soft terrain, with a composition mainly including loan and clay.

It is a deep land that favors the production of more structured, tannic, and complex wines compared to the ones produced from Brunate vineyard grapes. Moreover, the Barolo di Cerequio develops, in time, complex and rich scents, dominated by liquorish, tar, dried rose, and truffle.

Technical Characteristics

Location: La Morra

Owned land: 0.6 ha (1.5 acres)
Average height: 320 m (1050 ft.) a.s.l.

Sun exposure: South/South-East

Soil composition: 20% sand, 50% loam, 30% clay

Particularities: the deepness of the land and its high water availability favor the production of structured, tannic, and stronger wines.

Year of seeding: 1990