Extra Brut metodo classico millesimato

Born from the union between the structure of Pinot Noir and the pleasantness of the Chardonnay, Damilano winery’s sparkling wines seduce the eyes with their fine perlage, conquer the nose with fresh notes of baked pastry and bread crust, enchant the palate with the liveliness of the bubbles and lure for the elegance of their new image.

Grape VarietalsPinot noir and Chardonnay
Alcohol content12.5% by volume
Colourstraw yellow with a golden glare and a classy lasting perlage.
Bouquetelegant, broad, delicate with floral hints
Tastestructured and lively with good minerality.
AgeingIt is re-fermented in bottle, where it spends at least 36 months in contact with the lees
Suggested serving temperature7°/9°C